Thursday, December 12, 2013

My top 5 Makeup Products

Yes you read that post title correctly: I am posting about makeup. Now most of my friends (and in reality anyone who has every looked at my blog) know that I am a late bloomer not only when it comes to fashion, but also to makeup and hair.  But I'm never one to step aside from a challenge, so Kimbalikes - this post is really for you xoxo

I don't wear makeup regularly - just a spot here and there for client facing work days and special occasions. Honestly, I wasn't interested in makeup in my teens and by time my twenties came, I was too busy with Navy life, travel and kids to give it much thought. So apologies for those that know what they are talking about, but these are my top five makeup products (mostly because they are what I'm using right now!).  

Be gentle with me in the comments please - remember I'm a beginner and can use all the tips you might have (as long as they are simple, cost-effective, fast and easy).

1. Garnier Oil Free BB Cream. 

Firstly, this isn't strictly makeup but I use it every day instead of moisturiser or foundation so I think it counts.  You may not know, but I have really problem skin (and is the top thing I would wish to change about myself). Thanks to over active hormones I regularly break-out in deep hormonal pimples resulting in mostly unavoidable scaring, particularly around my chin area. My solution to this over the years has been fastidious skin care (using beauty therapist recommended products) - from age 15, a reasonably healthy diet, exercise and water plan, and finally.... tinted moisturiser everyday (or now as it has evolved - BB or CC cream).   And most of time that keeps it in a manageable condition - although I might be the only one you know that cleanses, treats, moisturises, exfoliates and masks like it's a religious schedule!

This year I changed from using Dove's tinted moisturiser, to Garnier's Oil Free BB Cream and I am loving it.

In the transition stage I tried a variety of different brands of BB cream, none of which I felt gave the same even yet natural coverage of my old fave Dove.  This one however has; great coverage, SPF 15, blends into my natural skin tone easily, lasts for ages, doesn't look ridiculous if I do a sweaty workout at the gym, is available in the supermarket (quick and easy), is reasonably priced and doesn't clog my pores making the spots worse.

Overall WINNER!

2.  Bare Minerals Foundation
I was introduced to this product by the ladies at my beauty therapists office, where I buy my exorbitant skin care products and it is wonderful.  For work days when I'm seeing clients or special occasions it is my favourite foundation product ever.  Easy to apply, non-pore clogging, SPF15, impossible to get wrong and coming with it's own brilliant brush - what's not to love!  This stuff lasts for ages too so it's cost effective.

3. Benefits Porefessionals

You're probably sensing a theme by now, but product number 3 is also great for problem or combination skin.  As we get older (or just always if you have an oily t-zone), our pores tend to be enlarged and our skin tends to be less even.  Porefessional is a brilliant little makeup bag tool for smoothing, de-shiny-ifying, priming, and even touching up our base.  This one is a brilliant thing to pop in your bag on a special occasion to top up your skin half-way through the event (after you've got all sweaty rushing to it because the babysitter was late, and you've had a couple of wines to calm your nerves/stress and your of course made your skin is a bit shiny and peaky).

4. Rimmel London Lipstick

I own four lipsticks (pink, red, maroon and natural pink) and three lip-liners (maroon, red and coral).  And they are all different brands....  Once again this is partially because I don't care that much, and partially because my approach to makeup to date has been similar to my pre-blogging approach to clothes - wing it and hope for the best.

Out of all the lipsticks I've ever owned/used however this Rimmel lipstick in Sugar Plum has got to be my favourite.  No flavour, excellent stick-ability and fun colour.  I will definitely buy this one again.

5. No7 Lash Adapt Mascara

I am not a stupid person.  I realise that different brushes and mascara's do different things to your lashes.  I'm just lucky to have very thick, dark, long lashes naturally, so I don't really pay any attention (the thing I like the most about my face).  My top pick is to get them (and the lash line) tinted but aside from that I think every occasion can be made more professional/beautiful with a lick of mascara.  No7 just happens to be the one I buy.

Now although my final point in this top makeup product list isn't a product per se, it is my top makeup tip....  PICMONKEY.  I confess that on the days that my skin is at it's worst, and I either don't have time or can't fix it with makeup, I use the picmonkey 'blemish fix' feature.  Whew I feel so much better for getting that confession off my chest!  It's not really airbrushing though is it.

Love to hear your top makeup products?  Are you a makeup and hair girl, or beginner/non-conformer just like me?


  1. I've always planned to do a post like this and never gotten around to it! BB cream is the best thing since sliced bread couldn't be without it

  2. Thanks Melissa - consider yourself tagged too. Would love to hear your top 5!

  3. Hi,
    Just thought I'd say I use to suffer very very similar skin problems but since regularly taking fish oil tablets and evening primrose it has all totally and I mean totally disappeared - hope that helps


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